Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Introduction To This Blog

Well, the blog is finally started.

At the request of any YSAW member or the general public posts on this blog can come under review, just e-mail me here: and I will bring it infront of everyone in the group. (This is only sent to me because the loop does not except e-mails from outside of its membership and I didn't want to pawn it to anyone else without asking).

Well, I'm going to post as this, the front/first entry to this blog a list of my general views on what direction the blog should be heading towards, and that is of inclusiveness and constructiveness, and clear reporting of actions/ideas around the Anti-War movement.

Originally I viewed the idea of a YSAW blog as being a weekly release, but after reading many successfull collective blogs, I think it should be possible for order to be kept with many contributors, though each person should be constructive and respectful of others and their differing opinions.

These are hopefully just givens, I don't mean to impose any kind of structure on how people must write, I just want to be able to read it, and talk about it with people who are not as enthusiastic as myself, or moderates like my parents etc.

1a) Anyone who writes derogitory remarks about others will be warned twice, and then silenced on third offense (depending on the level of severity of course).

b)Those people who have nothing constructive to add or say, are never supportive, and don't offer alternatives should not be included in this blog.

2)ALL members of the group must agree that it is a 'Non-Aligned' group, and YES, this means that we may HAVE TO LET IN people who may not be of the same ideologies or even leftist at all.

3a) Language and swearing should be kept to a minimum, Allowing people like highschool teachers, and mothers and fathers,moderates, and those who may say 'they're a bit rude and crude for me', to feel like they can be included.

b)In saying this, we also need to recognise the occasional FUCK can be extremely effective for emphasis.

5) All updates should be suitable for consumption by the general public, to be posted to the e-loop, on this online Blog, and distributed through other forms of media[ABC RADIO, RADIO FREO, IND MEDIA, PAPERS, etc]

b)It should also be realised that review of this writing will be subject to strong Bias, and thus we must try even harder to word the way it is written so as not to alienate prospective allies... In saying this, we must not go soft, we must report whole truths as we know them, we must not be censored and we must be up-to-date and even ahead of the times.... This is how we will earn more credibility.

Well, I will post again about the occurances on the e-loop lately such as the decision to meet on Sunday June 26th, at the Fremantle Esplenade and also the September 24 action we are planning to coincide with world-wide protest against the Occupation of Iraq.


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