Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Guidelines for YSAW

As YSAW-loop participators would know,

there has been some concern about the need for rules or the lack of rules in YSAW in the past, and the resulting chaos it caused.

Well, here is my suggestions on what way I believe YSAW should be heading, towards inclusiveness and efficiency. NOTE THAT THESE ARE NOT THE VIEWS OF ALL YSAW MEMBERS, but merely my suggestions, and hopefully the guidelines that members will be sensible enough to follow!

My Basic Proposals for YSAW to take on


Ground Rules - just the usual.

1a) Anyone who writes derogitory remarks about other members of the loop will be warned twice, and then silenced on third offense.

b)Those people who just have nothing constructive to add or say, are never supportive, and don't offer alternatives should also be warned twice, and then silenced on the loop.

2)ALL members of the group must agree that it is a 'Non-Aligned' group, and YES, this means that we may HAVE TO LET IN people who may not be of the same ideologies or even leftist at all.

3a) Language and swearing should be kept to a minimum, Allowing people like highschool teachers, and mothers and fathers,moderates, and those back in-the day who said 'they're a bit rude and crude for me' and consequently left, to feel like they can be included.

b)In saying this, we also need to recognise the occasional FUCK can be extremely effective for emphasis.

4a) All actions that promote peace, help the relief efforts or supply equiptment/moral support should be encouraged, not discouraged as or labbeled as being helpful to whatever the target 'enemy' doctrine may be. (see below)

b)The process for determening WHO actually is promoting peace or healing wounds should be something we need to scrutinize over as a group... E.G raising money for the red cross, or red cresent, or UN, or wilderness society, or baxter crew, or refugee rights, or logging campaigns, or ningaloo reef, or any of those type of things, is not what Youth and Students Against War is built on. We are AGAINST WAR, and what ever actions we take AS A GROUP should directly influence 'WAR' in one way or another.

c)In saying this, we must also realise the interconnectivity in life, and that some of our best resources lay in groups of people in related situations such as Refugee's, Medical Workers, the Red Cross etc....

5a) Produce weekly, an update suitable for consumption by the general public, to be posted to the e-loop, on a online Blog, and distributed through other forms of media[look into]?

b)It should also be realised that review of this writing will be subject to strong Bias, and thus we must try even harder to word the way it is written so as not to alienate prospective members... In saying this, we must not go soft, we must report whole truths as we know them, we must not be censored and we must be up-to-date and even ahead of the times.... This is how we will earn more credibility amongst moderate activist groups and the general public.

6a) Meetings can be held by anyone anywhere at any time. It is an essential part of opposing war, that people meet regularly and discuss things thoroughly. Some idea's will not come whilst pondering, and the energy of other people often makes ideas flow better.

b) In saying this, said meetings do not have to be of the entire collective. It may prove much more effective that small groups meet regularly and report to each other via the loop. For example, it would be much easier for those that live near Mandurah have their own meeting every now and then, while the midlander's have a different one, and joondalup, and armadale (and Baghdad? and Albany, and Tehran or Mexico City)...

7) Co-operative relationships should be set up with people from inside countries where we predict war, or where war is already a reality. This helps us keep up with what truely is going on, will bring us insight into how to fight the war, and also keep us one-step ahead of where the opposition imagines we should be...

8) Though the group is called Youth and Students Against War, we should also note that experienced activists are also a key part of the anti-war movement, and thus the generation gap between the movements should be bridged. YSAW should be embracing the older generation/s, and making small concessions enough so that our movements can co-exist efficiently.


P.S, there is a YSAW meet/get-to-know-you on Sunday June 26th, 3:30pm at the Fremantle Esplenade so please get down there. If you intend to come along please e-mail me so I can add you to the list of people expected to come, and give us all some inspiration and an idea of just how much interest really is out there!


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