Friday, July 08, 2005

Lodon, International Violence

To those reading this, to the victims of international warfare and conflict... Youth and Students Against War wishes to work with you towards building a peaceful world once again..

Our thoughts are with those who have been injured, lost friends and family to international violence and we hope the G8 will work progressively to prevent such violence as has occured since March 2003 from continuing into the future of our lives, and the lives of the youth for years to come.

Bombings in London, Madrid, Spain, Kuta and Baghdad... Violence in the Middle-East as a whole, in Latin America, in Asia the USA and elsewhere around the globe needs to come to an end before we loose everything we have gained in the last 100 years.

Youth and Students Against War has resurfaced and will be holding its next meeting on Sunday, July the 17th, 3pm @ the Fremantle Esplenade. At 4pm a Vigil dedicated to the victims of international violence will also be held @ the Fremantle Esplenade.

Please come along and support our friends in Iraq, Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Latin America..



Blogger Bruce Larson*Moore said...

The Last War

Freedom, Peace and Security will NEVER be won nor secured by the sword, another war will always need to be fought to end the fear of the sharp blade against the vital thoughts of change.

The last war will be waged without soldiers or freedom fighters, without blood shed or death, no rockets red glare, no bombs bursting anywhere.

The last war will not cause suffering, broken hearts, splintered spirits, or shattered bodies and souls, the creation of nature and man will not be crushed under the rolling thunder of armored machines, chemicals will not rain down from above, maniacal viruses will not attack from within, suicide terror raids, genocide, and nuclear holocaust will have no place in the last war, the casualties will be the end of competition, industry, government and religion which plan for and carry out the destruction, addiction and control of others.

The last war will be waged BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE, a war where all things will be TREATED as equal, a war employing weapons of MASS COOPERATION, battles fought and won with tolerance for all, understanding of difference, awareness of responsibility, a war in which compassion and love conquer and destroy the final evil enemy of humankind, the last war, the mother of all wars, the war to end all wars, must be waged upon fear.

We the People, declare a global war on fear.

How do we the people start this war, how do we wage this war, how do we the people win the last war ?

We start by turning away from those who support fear, by denying our services, our employment, our political, financial, moral and spiritual support to those who build and profit from the economy of competition, addiction and war.

We wage the last war by demanding that our energy and environment be clean and renewable, by demanding that the thousands of billions of dollars spent yearly on making the weapons and means of war be shifted and added to the nearly meaningless hundreds of billions which is reluctantly parted out for social, health, education and domestic infrastructure.

We win the last war by simply entrusting our votes, our support, our children's and grandchildren's lives to those of US whose words and actions DELIVER love and truth.

We the people can, will and must defeat fear.

┬ęBruce Larson*Moore

4:46 AM  

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