Thursday, July 14, 2005

YSAW contributor Khalid Jarrar ABDUCTED!!!

[olivebranch] - I have just finished reading Raed Jarrar's (Khalid Jarrar's brother) blog. I found news that left me ...... well I don't know what this emotion is.

Khalid Jarrar, a contributor Youth and Students Against War, and to this blog, has been taken by the Iraqi Government. His family has been given no reason but are relieved he is alive and well.

We believe it may have to do with him being a blogger. To view Khalid's blog visit:

Below is a post taken from his brothers' blog.

To Khalid, and to your family:

Our minds and thoughts are with you. Please keep us up-to-date on what is happening, as I am sure there is some things that western media can do to help you.


My mom called me today at 7 in the morning, shouting with happiness: "Khalid is okay!". Niki and I were the last members of the family to know the "happy news". Khalid called my dad from the Iraqi mokhabarat's jail to inform us he was alive; he said he was abducted by the mukhabarat men from his university. My dad called my mom and Majed, and they informed us then.

The feelings of joyfulness in our family now would give anyone the impression that khalid has won the lottery! My mom spent the morning planning Khalid’s future, including the arrangements of his wedding party!

If your child or sibling vanishes for two days then calls from the secret service jail in any other place on earth, that would be considered a disaster and a violation of human rights…

In Iraq, however, it’s Happy News.

Because the other options include: To be tortured, executed, and thrown in garbage by SCIRI and their Badr brigades. To be held by the Iraqi police and left to choke to death in one of their cars. To be held by the US troops then disappear and be mistreated for months in one of their many prisons. To be kidnapped by one of the countless criminal gangs and cost your family some tens of millions of Iraqi Dinars and/or your life.

So now you can see why being held at the mukhabarat jail is such happy news!

My dad said that Khalid mentioned something about his writings or his blog. We’re not sure whether our blogs are the reason behind the abduction of Khalid, but it’s one of the possible scenarios. In case if they were, we’ll stand for our political values of anti-violence, anti-occupation, pro-dialogue, pro-free speech, and all of the other honourable stands that my family has taken in our lifetime.

Our goal now is to ask the mokhabarat to take Khalid to court and reveal what exactly he is being charged with (if anything).


Blogger Dan said...

As much as I think that Raed Jarrar is a pusilanimous lying punk, I agree that it is wrong for his brother to be taken in such a manner. I shall keep my eyes on this one.


8:54 AM  
Blogger Andy Panda said...

why haven't these blogs gone around the world?

You havent' posted in a long time, around the same time as the other bloggers you link to. Makes me (and I guess everyone else) wonder..

10:29 AM  

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