Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It has come to my attention, that YSAW must continue

Recently a few people have asked me, why no YSAW contribution lately?
Why no meetings lately? Why no events that we were planning?

The answers are simple, and I accept full responsibility for the downturn in activity:

1) Khalid was taken, which sent me into a whole new field of interest/activity, and opened up a whole new world of contacts for me to make. I have been busy with many of these contacts, working with people from the US-UK-Japan-Iraq-Lebanon and elsewhere to form many sorts of 'disorganised alliances'. There are no groups controlling or linking us all together, yet we speak about the same topics, help each other and update our sites and information frequently.

(Khalid has since been released, found innocent and I will post that story very soon. Sorry everyone, I really F**ked things around by not doing anything with this blog and group lately)

2) Grandad got sick, so there was another thing to do
3) I started Uni to keep my brain healthy and playing Basketball and Swimming to get my body healthy for when I intend to go to Mexico and live with the indigenous folk to share their struggles.
4) I have been lazy, or preffered updating my own blog and pursuing other more self-serving interests. I won't make a denial of this, but I will try to correct it.

Please return to read the new posts over the coming days,weeks,months and years. I promise to update this site and return YSAW to its prior activities and then some!

[olivebranch out]


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