Thursday, October 27, 2005

ANTI-TERROR LAWS forum NOV 4th, University of Western Australia

Hey everyone,

another YSAW friend from Curtin Uni sent me an e-mail to alert me of
this today,
VERY important opportunity for YSAW to make a show at- though I have
work at 1am the saturday morning after,
I should still be able to make it. This is a very important event. We
need to understand this Terror legislation, and decide on what we
believe should and should not be kept from it.

Two critical events..
Details are being finalised however please book in your diaries
FRIDAY 4th NOVEMBER, 5:45pm, University of WA (venue to be advised)

speakers such as Greens Senator Rachel Siewert, and Dr Carmen Lawrence and
will represent a broad diversity of interests such as social justice,
indigenous, churches, islamic, union groups and universities amongst
(Further speakers to be confirmed)

With preventative detention for up to two weeks when you have not been
proved guilty of any crime, shoot to kill provisions (which we have seen
result of recently in the UK), random stop and search powers and the
possibility that nonviolent activists or unionists could be charged with
sedition and jailed.

These laws are arguably the most repressive and dangerous to have been
introduced in recent history in this country.

Please join us for an informed debate on the impacts these laws could have
and what we can do about them.

Defend civil liberties - let your voice be heard...

More information will be circulated broadly, but please contact Nicola
Paris, 9228 3277 or
at Senator Siewerts office if
you would like further materials or to assist in the broader campaign.


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